Rest in peace brothers 

​Death of a close friend has a way it changes your perspective on life. You realize how fragile human life is, and how a few seconds can impact you for the rest of your time on earth..
When you hear that someone has passed on, it shocks you and the news makes you reel back in doubt and surprise. A person you met just a few minutes ago is gone..forever…
As we mourn our loved ones, we remember everything they ever did for us..all the little things they ever said..all the secret smiles they gave us..all the love they showed us..
Our friends were selfless, always jolly, always helpful..they touched each of us in different ways..some in more ways than others..they were in every part of campus you could think, football, parties, politics, etc
It’s left to us to emulate their legacies, short as that might be.
 Learn to LOVE, learn to LIVE, learn to SHARE. Be there for your Friends when they need you. Have fun whenever you can. Don’t limit your social circles. Know as many people as you can. Attend as many social events as possible. Tell those you care about that you do love them. Above all, give thanks to GOD at all times. 
Life is too short to be lived under a cave of sorrow and despair…we shall always love you dear departed friends. Rest in the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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