Throw back

​Have you ever done something bad and then someone tells you to report yourself to the authorities? I’m not talking about murder or rape or something big like that. I mean these small small things like breaking a cup at home or not giving food to your little sis when mum ain’t at home.
This one time at school, I was playing with one of my idiot friends, throwing stones and slippers at each other. So just when he was standing next to these new Windows, I threw a brick at him. Dude jumps out of the way, and the brick falls straight through the glasses behind. 
The dormitory matron was standing just a few feet away. This nice lady politely tells me to go report myself to the school headmistress for breaking this window. Me, Omaido Ronnie Perez, favorite son of a certain Dr. Omaido, to go report myself for wrong doing? Over my dead body!
I politely asked her to cane me whatever number of strokes she wanted, and for the rest of the term, she caned me every evening after night prep till i reported myself to the HM a few days to the end of the term😂


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