Women’s day 

The year was 2007. Form 3. Term 1.
It was on the last day of the term. We’d finished packing our luggage ready for holidays. We still had the small matter of attending End-Of-Term Assembly. Being the stubborn guy i was, i convinced some friend to escape from school with me into the neighborhood…on the last day of the term. (I had some demons back then. Serious demons)
It seems God wanted to save me from those demons, so he sent a teacher to use the same escape route we frequently used when leaving school. Poor teacher. He had a belly, wasn’t fit and was a lito bit fat. I was skinny, with a lot of adrenaline and very tiny mosquito legs. 
As soon as we spotted him, my friend disappeared into the bushes before i could say “Jesus Christ”…I didn’t wait for an invitation…I spun around, bolted up onto the main road, faced the direction of my ancestors, and ran for dear life! The teacher tried bambi…i could see he put in effort, but the Pérez of those days knew how to run away from people. He saw a trail of dust, and it had rained that day btw. 
Long story short, I ran into some woman’s house, entered her bedroom and locked myself in. Five minutes later, she tentatively knocked on her door and politely asked me to get the fuck out of her house. I explained why i was running, she served me a cup of tea and mandazi, then helped me check if Fat Teacher was still on my heels.
Happy belated Women’s day to that lady. She saved my ass.


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