Hair Prices

The last time i visited a salon (about a month ago), I had an interview the following day. It’s said that you have to look responsible when you go for an interview so we are told to cut our hair off. At least that’s the policy in my father’s house. Today morning, i decided to create another interview for myself so I would have an excuse to visit the Salon.

Kireka town has many salons around, some lousy, others awesome. I walked around for nearly an hour till i found the perfect one. It had these four loudspeakers on its verandah playing loud hip-hop music and an occasional local song. It was so loud and annoying, but the ambiance within the salon seemed perfect and welcoming for strangers. I thought, “maybe i should try this one.”

So i walked in as gentlemanly as i could, careful to not trip over their expensive-looking carpet or fall into the mirrors. The place smelt like heaven. I think they hire someone to regularly spray the interior with aerosprays and the tears of Jesus Christ. Even the ladies within were impeccably dressed, polished nails and sweet smiles. This was definitely my new salon!

I was directed to a comfortable seat near the entrance. The chair itself looked like it had been stolen from an aeroplane and placed in this particular spot in the salon. And for your information, I don’t know how aeroplane seats look like. It was just so comfortable that I couldn’t help feeling like a pilot was about to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, our flight out of Nalufenya is about to depart.”

So there I was, in the most comfortable chair I’d even had the privilege of sitting in, with a beautiful lady asking how my day was going and if i needed anything to make me more comfortable. I swiveled around slowly, a half 90 degree turn to face her. I just smiled and asked for someone to attend to my shabby hair.

“Ok sir. A three layer hair cut costs 20,000 shillings only. Marine cut costs 15,000 shillings. And ……” The rest of her words were lost on me. What!? Three layer costs what? 20,000? Wait a minute. Maybe I’d heard wrongly.
“Excuse me madam. You said three layer costs…?”
” Twenty thousand shillings only.”
“As in TWENTY?”
“Yes. What’s wrong with your ears sir?”

Well, the year is 2017 and we have a salon that charges the price of TWO AND A HALF KILOS OF SUGAR for a simple haircut.

To cut my story short, my hair will continue growing long till sugar prices fall back to 3,500 a kilo.


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