Jinja Adventures

I met her in Jinja, the adrenaline capital of East Africa. A big town with a gorgeous natural setting and some wonderful, crumbling colonial architecture (Jinja town as described by an American Travel website). We met on the banks of the River Nile, at that wonderful little place called “The source of the Nile”. I’d never been to it before but she said she’d been to it a couple of times, of course none of those times was with a guy she was in love with.

But the story does not start from Jinja. One has to go way back to 2012, the year when it was rumored the world was going to end. I’d prepared for that eventuality already though. I knew I wouldn’t die a virgin. Heavens doors would probably not be opened unto me if I did. 2012. Year of miracles and endless wonders. Sorry for digressing from my storyline. What was i saying? Oh yes, i first encountered her in 2012, the year when it was rumored the world was going to end. I’d prepared for….ahhh. Let’s leave out that part of my first encounter and skip straight back to Jinja.

She called me on my cellphone late one night and invited me to pay her a courtesy visit. “I do miss you terribly and need you here with me. Please come over this weekend baby. Please please please,” she begged. Maybe it wasn’t begging. Maybe she just had no better way to express her feelings. All I’m sure of is that there was no way I was going to say NO to that pleading sensual voice speaking directly to my heart. Before the weekend was officially in, I’d packed my bags and set off for the land of the Kyabazinga.

I booked into a small hotel on the outskirts of town, a dingy little place infested with bedbugs and stinky toilets. The place was overrun by cockroaches and mosquitoes, one would be forgiven for thinking it was owned by a rich Insect investor. A night in the sweltering hot rooms was just impossible. The things we do for love! St. Peter had better be good friends with St. Valentine. I need a big room with a nice view when i get to heaven!!

We met later that evening for casual drinks and quality time by the shores of the mighty river Nile. Serene and gentle breezes kept blowing through the tiny cottage we were holed up in, hands around each other and madly in love. This is all she needed- just to feel the comforting hands of her man around her, holding her close and tight, making sure she is fine and safe. She missed this part of relationships, this luxury that doesn’t exist in long distance relationships. She wished it would come more often. She wanted this moment to last forever. I could feel it in her breathing, in the way her chest slowly rose up and down. She was at peace with nature. This was how it had to be done.

The night slowly wore on and the stars started shining brightly. It was getting a little too late for her. She had to be back home within her curfew time. I knew she’d get scolded and possibly locked out if she over stayed her visiting hours, so i reluctantly had to let her go from my embrace. I offered to escort her back home, saying I didn’t want any man to get any wild ideas for her along the way. But in truth, I just needed more of her time. I quite hadn’t had enough of her heavenly scent and warm glowing eyes. I couldn’t bear another minute without her so i opted to use my next few seconds preciously.

On the way from the Source of the Nile is a golf course and club house. The course itself is nothing to write home about, of course that’s to someone who has never held a golf ball in his hands before. It isnt fenced off from pedestrians so one can freely sit in its grass and while away the time. As we walked alongside the course, careful not to step onto the grass, she bumped into me from the back and almost threw me off pace. I turned around with a smile, ready to make a joke about it and make her laugh her heart out.

When I’d fully turned around and stood staring into her eyes, i could suddenly hear the rush of blood to my head, the pounding of my heart against my ribcage and the flow of water from the nearby river. I could hear all these sounds clearly and yet it seemed my head couldn’t register anything in my mind. My eyes slowly dropped to her lips and then back up to her eyes. The triangle of passion. Right eye to lips then to left eye. She slowly licked her lower lip, as if in anticipation of what was to come. I’m not certain how i got to lips but a few moments later, I’d stolen my first kiss from her. Was it one of the best kisses of my life? No. IT WAS the best kiss in the history of kisses in the universe. Stolen moment. Sweet passion. Hidden desires.

My eyes were glazed over by the time i broke away from her embrace. We walked in silence after that. I guess each one with their own questions and needs, none able to talk to the other. I wanted this moment to last forever. No not the silence. I mean the stolen romance. The little kiss. The sweet interlocked lips. I wanted that. I needed it. Gosh. Love is so wicked!


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