I met her at a friend’s birthday party. She wasn’t elegantly dressed. Just a crop top and pants to match. Nothing out of the ordinary or meant to draw undue attention towards herself. Nonetheless, she had my full attention and some.
I wore my Sunday best: fitting black shirt and jeans. I’d failed to locate my nice brown shoes. Maybe Derrick had left with them last weekend. I really need them back. Anyway, I had to make do with the other pair of sandals. You know the ugly one with buttons or straps and a huge sole..yes that ugly one. I still felt like a million dollars though…Cologne on point, beard in check.
I felt good that day, and I noticed her noticing me. Must be a good sign. Or maybe it’s because I was dancing awkwardly. I touched my big head, to make sure it was still there on my body. Good. It was still available for use. She continued looking at me and just smiled shyly. A tiny little smile, creasing the corners of her lips just a little. And her lips…damn!
I continued dancing, doing my awkward shuffling moves, like a giraffe wading through mud in a pair of six inch heels. She laughed softly, like a baby playing with a new toy car. I heard her laughter clearly. Or maybe it was the beer in my big head playing games with eardrums. I’m not certain now. I slowly made my way across the tiny room pushing through the throng of people, keeping my eyes peeled on her alone.
My heart beat wildly in my chest. I could feel it tear through the crowd of people. Could she hear it too? Haha. I hope not. I was really doing this though, this thing of walking towards a babe to talk to her. Boy had I grown up today. I wish dad could have seen me that day. Hahaha. Who knew!? Anyway, there I was taking my sweet time when through the corner of my eye, I spotted ugly dude heading towards her. Say what? Dude back off already you piece of shit. I could see the lust in his eyes. The pure evil he wanted to do to her. No way dude. I wasn’t going to let ugly boy steal my babe just like that.
I picked up pace, shoving people out of my way and almost manhandling some poor girl. I even started rehearsing my lines. How would I break the ice? Lemme see lemme see. Anhaa…perfect. “Hey wassup. So I saw you from across the room and I thought..” No. That’s too cliche. She’s probably heard all that shit before. What would I say then? Wareva. I’d get something. Hopefully she’d just smile and say “Hi” then we’d have a minute of awkward silence during which I’d ask her for a dance or maybe even a peck if I got so bold. Haha. I was being crazy tonight.


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