Alternate Poems

He wants to be a writer. He knows wanting to be a writer is not the same as being a writer. He sits in front of the laptop every morning before the birds have begun singing, before the sense of duty comes to distract him. But he always ends up posting, commenting and arguing on Facebook, anything to avoid actually writing. His other hobby is reading. 
He reads everything, with no discrimination. His childhood heroes were not football players or action heroes, but writers. While his friends admired Ronaldo DaLima and Nedved, he worshipped R K Narayan, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ian Fleming. In his dreams, he saw himself publishing Sherlock Holmes stories. But he could never convert these dreams to reality.
The moment he cherished most from his childhood was when he won a writing competition in school. More than the prize itself, what he remembered was the praise he got from a famous writer, the judge for the competition. Yet he could not bring himself to write!
Recently, he suffered a mental breakdown. It dawned on him that he was getting old, he had nearly passed the prime of his life, perhaps crossed the halfway mark. He realised with surprise that he could not recapture time, recreate the past, that he might be locked in a day time job that he loathed, that he was also shackled by the sense of duty from which there may not be any escape. 
*extract from Alternate Poems of The Village by Ronn Pérez Omaido


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